//Thank you all for the love. Feel free to tell me what to do, since my blog is inactive as balls.

//Thank you all for the love. Feel free to tell me what to do, since my blog is inactive as balls.



Ok so I didn’t get much feedback on how to improve my blog page specifically. So I’ll move on to my main attraction:

The Sunday Spotlight is currently done once a week. Most stories revolve around 2-4 randomly drawn champions from the game. After drawing the champions I brainstorm ideas on what they could possibly do together. This varies in difficulty depending on the Champions’ relationships if they have any at all. Afterwards I look for currently active blogs of one of the featured champions and message them the synopsis of the stories and some motivations then in character ask a question for them to answer back in character. Much like a typical ask, just with a certain set of circumstances. The participating member has the option of just answering through text, or drawing their own answer. I then put everything together for the final product.

Current difficulties:
I started doing this as a spur of the moment thing before really thinking it entirely through. This left me with some things that I could probably do better to make things smoother.

  • Only a week is hard to come up and develop a coherent story and find a blog who wants to participate and get it all drawn.
  • Because I tend to take longest on the story writing part I feel I don’t usually leave my participants much time to respond which could put potentially put unintended pressure  on them to meet a deadline.

Things I may start to do

  • Make the Sunday spotlight once every two weeks and fill the in-between weeks with something else to fill the gap.
  • Someone said to do more interviews. I’m not sure exactly how I should approach this but I will consider the idea.
  • There are a TON of original character blogs, so I may start including OCs on the random select list to be featured in the Sunday Spotlight to give them some more attention.

What do you like best about the Sunday Spotlights?
What aspect do you think could use improvements?
Do you guys like any of the things I may start to do ideas?
Any ideas for in-between things to do between Spotlights?



//congrats, you win the nonexistent “What was I referencing?” challenge.


ask-defender-leona replied to your post “i still don’t understand to this day how leona was alive”

"Sunbeams, son."

”I didn’t think the sunbeams could prevent death. Though with you I wouldn’t be surprised.”

"They harden in response to physical trauma. You can’t hurt me, ‘rak."

//Until further notice, all Ahri blogs will be shot on sight. I’m not interested in any bandwagon ships tyvm.

A wiggling butt and a riding crop ... ¬‿¬

"I’ve never owned a horse in my life, but knowing you there’s one in my bedroom somewhere."

Pantheon's sagging spartan scrotum

"If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Rakkor men are known for wearing only armor to battle."

Fried chicken.

"That sounds disgusting."

"Shadow puppets."

"I was not even entertained with those as a child."

What do you think makes my character horny?


I’ll tell you if you’re right or not.

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