Ask me my top 5 _____ in League of Legends
Leona, how are you today?



"Busy, as usual, but at least I’m not on free week rotation."

I’m going to need a keg of beer by the end of this rotation. At least the new champion is softening the blow of it;;;;

"It won’t be so bad. Summoners enjoy offensive-minded Champions. It’s the supportive defenders they screw up the most."

Leona, how are you today?

"Busy, as usual, but at least I’m not on free week rotation."


// In honor of Sexual Sunday I’ve decided to do something experimental. I have opened a sideblog for anything I will not do on my main blog (crackships, multiships, smut, etc.). I’ve done this for two reasons.

1. Even the most quality of blogs wants to mess around sometimes.

2. I want to help dispel the “NSFW = bad” stigma

So if you’re a follower of mine and want to interact with me without the stress of quality or want to set something up that would be fun and out-of-character, please give my sideblog a follow.

How am I doing with my character? Tell me in the askbox, and I’ll publish it without comment.
I just thought I would let you know that you're the reason I got into tumblr, I found your blog and read into it a bit. I though it could be fun and it really was.

// Glad you could find some inspiration in it. It’s what keeps my trying to be quality again.

Sadly I hardly rp on tumblr as of late. I would love to rp over skype if you would be willing.

// This is not something I will discuss to anons. Mostly because I don’t feel like giving my Skype to everyone.

You've always been such an inspiration to me, from the time before i roleplayed, lasting even to this day, well over a year after i started. I wish we were able to rp more.

// I wish everyone was able to RP more. I don’t bite and I’m bored most of the day ^^;


ask-defender-leona replied to your post “Soraka x Leona huehue”

Soraka: “I’ve got starry blood, you know?”

Leona chosen of the soraka

Soraka pls

That looks good on you!





3: an oversized t-shirt

Leona looked away, her face starting to redden. Her hands tugged at the bottom of the large Pentakill tee. “I’m glad you think so, but umm… are you sure you’re not supposed to wear pants with these? Everything feels uncomfortably breezy.”

"Please. do not call it a religion, Leona. Really, there is no worship involved. I just simply take people who want my power to Vilemaw and he does as he pleases to them, and I get my power, there’s nothing more to it. It’s all feigned… Though I suppose that hardly helps my reputation.. though if I want to be able to keep my power, I must keep doing it, so unfortunately, I doubt I can change a thing."

"So you’re an oracle for something that requires a hefty tribute? It almost makes the Rite of Kor sound humane." Leona looked down somberly. "I’m sorry if this conversation is getting depressing."

"Hmm, I suppose those are words that can be used for someone such as I. Literally, the only part of it that is true is that Vilemaw can grant one strength through his venom, everything else is make believe." She answered, somewhat proud that she was chosen. "The only people that are taken to him are people whom want the same gift as I. Evil people. So in some respects, I am doing Runeterra  favor"

Elise shook her head after she had spoken, reverting to Leona’s last statement. “It’s okay. I know it’s not a pleasant subject, you may change it if you wish. I certainly don’t mind.”

"I’ll have to admit, talking about sending people to their deaths is a touchy subject for me. Though the way you describe it sounds more like a legend. A heroic challenge of old attempted only by the unworthy. I’d rather not tell the Rakkor. Most of them would be so bold or so foolish to take that challenge."